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Review of JTV Paper - Patients ‘acceptance’ of chronic wound-associated pain – a qualitative descriptive study

Society of Tissue Viability Stand: 5a

This paper starts by telling us that chronic wound-associated pain has a negative impact on the quality of life of individuals and their families. However, little research exists. This study addressed this gap through the completion of 13 semi-structured interviews. Data analysis happened by reducing and categorising data using recognised methods.

Overall, two themes emerged.

  • In the first theme participants described what pain felt like and how pain significantly impaired their activities of daily living. It is clear that chronic wound pain causes much everyday disruption.
  • In theme 2, participants described how they accepted to live with such pain, despite receiving significant support in controlling their pain.

Dressing changes were talked about as a time of particular pain. Participants spoke about how finding the right pain control methods was often a drawn out process. Participants depended on health care professionals and family support networks to cope with the pain but this is a process that can be exhausting for everyone.

The full review and links to download the article can be found via 

Authors - Sebastian Probst, Geraldine Gschwind, Louise Murphy , Duygu Sezgin , Peter Carr, Caroline McIntosh, Georgina Gethin

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