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Kendamil is a family owned infant nutrition brand which has been specialising in the production of formula for 60+ years. Kendamil is the only British baby formula and the fastest growing formula brand in Europe and USA. Kendamil is uniquely made with whole milk fats, lactose, DHA and ARA from plant-based sources and prebiotics, GOS and FOS.  Kendamil's unique use of whole milk means that the formula range includes natural MFGM and HMOs, linked to immune protection and cognitive development. The use of whole milk, lactose and plant-based DHA also allows for Kendamil to entirely avoid ingredients like palm oil, soy, corn syrup, maltodextrin and fish oil. Kendamil has a range of formula which includes cows milk, organic cows milk and goat milk formula as well as a range of baby cereals and porridges. Kendamil is certified as suitable for Vegetarian, Halal and Kosher dietary requirements.

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