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Overcoming MS

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  • | Health Education, Promotion and Training
  • | Healthy Lifestyle
  • | Medication, Prescriptions, Pharmaceuticals and OTC
  • | Mental Health
  • | Nutrition and Dietetics

Overcoming MS is a global charity that supports people with multiple sclerosis to live a healthy and fulfilling life. Through the Overcoming MS Program, based on research evidence, people with MS have the tools they need to make lifestyle choices to help them to live well and to take back control.

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  • Our founder and President, Linda Bloom, and some of our amazing facilitators talk to us about their journeys with MS and how following Overcoming MS has changed their lives.
  • This webinar was recorded 30 June 2021. Dr Jonathan White introduces the Overcoming MS Program.
  • Watch Dr Jonathan White speak about why he thinks you should recommend Overcoming MS to your patients.
  • Watch Dr Andrea Stennett explain why healthy lifestyle behaviours matter for people with MS.


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