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Primary Care Show 2024



Caesarean Care in Primary Care

15 May 2024
Mother & Baby Programme
In the UK, caesareans represent a substantial portion of all births, with associated surgical site infections (SSIs) posing a challenge for new mothers and healthcare systems alike. Discrepancies in clinical assessments and care management contribute to these challenges. In recent decades, the caesarean rate has risen, whilst postnatal care provision has fallen. We will examine the incidence of these complications, delve into risk factors, and address the current state of post-surgical care. Our discussion will also consider strategies aimed at improving the detection and management of caesarean wound complications, ultimately aiming to better outcomes for new mothers.  Learning Outcomes: 1. The significance and frequency of caesarean complications following hospital discharge. 2. Risk factors for caesarean wound complications. 3. Current post-surgical care provision for caesarean patients, including gaps in caesarean wound management. 4. Current and potential strategies to improve the detection and management of caesarean wound complications.
Janine McKnight BEM, Queen’s Nurse and Midwife
Holly Edmundson, Research Midwife, Nuffield Department of Primary Care Health Sciences, Oxford University
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