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Primary Care Show 2024



Foot Force Management - Prevention is The Key

15 May 2024
Podiatry and Foot Health Programme
This presentation aims to illuminate the myriad of forces the foot endures, emphasizing early detection's pivotal role in mitigating risk factors for ulceration and, in the direst cases, amputation. We'll spotlight vulnerable foot regions susceptible to trauma from abnormal or excessive forces, exploring strategies to address these factors and offering insights into recognizing potential risks. From footwear cues to insole observations and foot examinations, we'll equip you with tools to identify warning signs. Ultimately, we'll underscore how proactive healthcare practices can catalyze recognition and prevention long before podiatric intervention becomes necessary.
Helen Branthwaite, MSK Project Lead, Royal College of Podiatry
Jonathan Dewell, Clinical Lead & Advanced Practice Podiatrist, Shropshire Community NHS Trust and The Primary Care Rheumatology and Musculoskeletal Medicine Society (PCRMM)
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