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Primary Care Show 2024



Advancing Practice Through Podiatric Skin Surgery

16 May 2024
Podiatry and Foot Health Programme
A series of case studies where extended scope skills in skin surgery has enhanced patient outcomes at a university podiatry clinic. Cases presented will demonstrate the use of skin excision, incisional nail surgery approaches, and biopsy procedures in podiatric practice. Learning Objectives: 1. Understand the indications and techniques for incisional nail surgery, including nail matricectomy, in the management of ingrown toenails. 2. Describe the different types of skin biopsies commonly performed in podiatry, highlighting their indications and the importance of proper technique and specimen handling.    3. Gain awareness of surgical excision approaches to verrucae and other cutaneous tumours, including the appropriate selection of patients and post-operative care considerations.   4. Recognize the potential complications associated with podiatric skin surgery procedures and strategies for their prevention and management.   6. Raise awareness of extended scope training in skin surgery for podiatrists, emphasising their capability to perform skin surgery procedures without undergoing full training in podiatric surgery, thus expanding access to specialised foot care services.
Lawrence Ambrose, Head of Policy & Public Affairs, Royal College of Podiatry
Lisa Chandler, Professional Lead in Podiatry, University of Northampton
Rodrigo Diaz Martinez, Senior Lecturer in Podiatric Medicine, University of Northampton
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