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Sundya Raman

Sundya Raman

Lifestyle Medicine Doctor Representative and Council Member, Primary Care Cardiovascular Society

Dr Sundhya Raman is a medical doctor (MBBS, GKT, London) with a degree in Pharmacology & Physiology, a PhD (D.Phil) in Genetics & Epigenetics from Oxford University and is qualified in Lifestyle Medicine with the International Board of Lifestyle Medicine & British Society of Lifestyle Medicine. Dr Raman is the Lifestyle Medicine lead at the Primary Care Cardiovascular Society. She is the founder of My Wellness Doctor - a Lifestyle Medicine Health consultancy. She authored the diet section for JBS4 and co-authored the section on physical activity. She created and runs a lifestyle to lower cholesterol programme in primary care. She regularly delivers talks and teaching on lifestyle medicine and healthy ageing to both healthcare professionals as well as to the lay public, including a focus on specific risks and solutions for ethnic minority groups. Her advice on lifestyle shifts for optimum health has been featured in national news publications.


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